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High-performance Process Automation Platform

Over 100 million processed messages

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Grebble benefits

Real time data streams distribution

Distribution of dataflow within the company. The ability to process, structure and distribute large data streams.

Automation for any type and size of business.

One of the main principles of Grebble development is the accessibility of automation and technology. We create our products for all types of businesses: both for startups and large corporations.

Fault tolerance

Grebble is designed to withstand high loads. Our platform allows you to scale horizontally on the Kubernetes basis.


Grebble can be deployed on your server, cloud cluster, or hybrid hosting.


Grebble allows you to quickly implement new automation tools. Implementation of the AI, RPA, etc. technologies will take several minutes and do not require neither internal environment adaptation nor significant financial costs.

Low ownership cost

Low ownership and implementation costs provide significant benefit when calculating Opex and Capex.

Grebble is ready to help you to route, change and distribute your data.

Grebble Dataflow

Benefit from your data

With just a few clicks connect all your data sources (databases, websites, storages, bots, etc.), then aggregate, modify, create and merge this data.

Create your own modules

Create custom automation modules for your business using our SDK

Monitoring and notifications.

Monitor system operation and receive notifications about errors/important events during runtime

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Grebble IA Pack

More then 10 ready-to-use AI on pre-trained models.

Entity recognition
Text QA
Intent classification
Insult detection
And others

Grebble GUI Tool

A set of automation tools that imitate human activity when interacting with the user interface on a PC.

In addition to the action-sequence recording tool for Windows OS interface, an improved version of the tool for websites is also provided. This allows you to specify the elements of the web more accurately due to the new web-recording technology based on the element tree.

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Grebble Invoice Recognition

We are happy to present our pre-trained models for invoice recognition.

Just upload scan/photo of an invoice, and Grebble Invoice Recognition will distinguish such data as: invoice number, invoice date, supplier, amount, taxes, invoice composition (item name, quantity, unitType, cost, taxes)

Integrations that improve you workflow

Improve your business automation level with the Grebble Marketplace. Use over 100 ready-made solutions, including those with IA, Computer Vision, etc.

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